Sunday, November 27, 2011

Common Sense Finance Goals

The reason I decided to start this blog, is witnessing the misery people were put into caused by the recent sub-prime mortgage meltdown that pushed the U.S economy into the worst recession since the Great Depression.What seems more obvious to me is that only average households, and hard working individuals were affected most by this crisis. Big corporations such as AIG, Citigroup and other huge institutions are doing just fine. They all got bailed out by the government and individuals where left out to the waiting lines of unemployment offices and foreclosures.
What's frustrates me and saddens me the most is that we are still waiting for an explanation of what exactly happened, how all of this started, and how can we become more protected against future crisis. Lots if books, articles, TV shoes..etc have tried to explain what exactly happened, and how it all started. I'm still not convinced that the information provided is accurate enough.I don't want to sound too conspiratorial, but what exactly caused the crises is far from just the sub-prime phenomena. It goes a little deeper than that.
How come only big corporations were taken by the hand of the government back to their glory? Individuals and families are still hurting. Foreclosure signs are all over the place and unemployment is still stubbornly high.
I would hate to admit it. I believe that we will never get the explanation we need! The government will not protect us from this again! Big corporations that drove us to this meltdown are getting smarter by finding new loopholes in the system! Too "big to fail" theory gave them a boost of confidence and that no matter how much they mess up, someone will take care of them eventually and they will never be held responsible. People will be left out in the dark for more decades to come.
In this blog I will touch on different subjects: Economics, Finance, Politics and Current Affairs. The focus will be mostly on economics and finance and I am hoping that with this blog I can help readers shed some light on important subjects that affect their lives and learn more about money matters. You can also follow me on twitter at @michaelhelou 

--Michael Helou-- 

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